Clearness is the key to making our skin outstanding.

Appropriate turnover is essential for beautiful skin.
In order to keep skin healthy and functioning properly, Arsoa noted the important step o“f removing”.
The natural mud, which has possessed a natural power since ancient times, adsorbs dirt hiding in old keratin and pores.
In addition to helping create bright, clear skin, it moisturizes and softens the skin to improve its compatibility with the lotion you use next.


Mysteriously shinning natural mud after its ancient sleep.

After many years of searching, Arsoa found Mosir clay ,a natural mud found in Hokkaido.
The mud, found preserved in its ancient state from thousands to millions of years ago
and that has not oxidized as it has not been exposed to outside air, has a mysterious blue sparkle.

Moisturize the skin with minerals in natural mud.

Mosir clay contains various types of minerals and is rich in magnesium which affects moisture retention compared to other clays.

The fine, round particles adhere to dirt and remove it.

The very fine particles adhere to small parts such as pores and the sides of the nose. The round shape preventsthe skin from being damaged.


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