Moisturize (LOTION)

Wear water on your skin.

This lotion has been created to moisturize skin with“ water”.
It moisturizes the skin thoroughly without leaving any sticky residue.
It fills the skin with moisture after dirt has been removed,
and re-applying it helps improve skin texture and supports retention of more water.
Experience shiny, clear skin.。


Arsoa water awakens the beauty with nature’s bounty .

We aimed to create Arsoa water* with a mineral balance
close to that of the NMF (natural moisturizing factor)

The ideal mineral balance for the skin.
Searching for the perfect environment from which to produce this water,
we discovered the clear spring water of the Yatsugatake water system surrounded by rich nature.
We produce Arsoa water with the aim of creating the ideal NMF mineral balance to help moisturize skin,
making full use of filtration and water activation technology.
It has excellent compatibility with skin and a comfortable texture.

Moisturizing botanical hot spring water (Moor water),
the quality of which has developed over millennia.

This water is natural skin lotion.
The hot spring water in the Tokachi River valley in Hokkaido gathers minerals
and a natural moisturizing humicsubstance as it passes through layers of peat containing ancient plants.
The lotion has a comfortable texture and helps keep skin moisturized.


*Tap water


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