The foam of natural mineral*1helps create healthy skin.

ARSOA QUEEN SILVER was born, blessed with the charm of mysterious stones in hot spring areas and the idea of using the power of minerals for washing.
The thick, creamy foam contains natural minerals.
It adheres to your skin to wrap up dirt firmly and remove it while leaving moisture.

*1:Sedimentary rock and igneous rock

Manufacturing method/features

How to use

Highly skilled craftsmanship with the frame kneading method
It takes70 days*2 to produce soaps.

ARSOA is particular about the simplest face wash, solid soaps.
ARSOA QUEEN SILVER is carefully manufactured, with workers spending an adequate amount of time using the traditional frame kneading method that combines abundant moisturizing ingredients, etc.


[Difference between milled and framed soaps]
Framed soaps can contain an abundance of ingredients that make your skin beautiful.

Make the most out of the natural power of the skin.
It contains natural mineral and charcoal.

Minerals vitalize your skin to enhance metabolism and water retention to help your skin produce natural cream. Charcoal absorbs dirt such as make-up and sebum. It contains honey, which acts as a moisturizing ingredient.

Texture, elasticity, density
Foam with the ultimate balance

The fine foam wraps dirt firmly, and the elasticity and moderate density reduce the strain on your skin.
ARSOA QUEEN SILVER creates foam with the ideal balance that meets these conditions.

How to use

Usage instructions ARSOA QUEEN SILVER

Step 1 ~

Wash your hands with lukewarm water that is as warm as the temperature of your skin, and then wash your face without the soap.

Step 2 ~

Pass the soap through lukewarm water and roll it in your hands several times.

Step 3 ~

While adding a few drops of lukewarm water several times, create a large amount of foam that contains air.

Step 4 ~

Apply a little force and whisk the foam so that it develops a fine texture.

Step 5 ~

While gathering the foam on your palms, whisk it until it develops a creamy texture.

Step 6 ~

The foam is ready when it has an elastic, firm texture.

Good foam is whisked so that it has “stiff peaks”.

[Ideal foam]

Good foam

The elastic foam with a fine texture and moderate density can remove dirt without putting a strain on your skin.

Bad foam

Foam with excessive density and soft foam lack elasticity and may put a strain on your skin.


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